The next time you're listening to one more earnest song set to guitar, keyboard and a bordering-on-anonymous rhythm section begins to feel like taking medicine, consider this a potent chaser. This Toronto-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (viola, violin, Wurlitzer piano) is the least earthbound artist we've heard in ages: fanciful lyrics, soaring vocals, and the only rhythm section within earshot is your own heartbeat.
--John Sakamoto, Toronto Star
A lot of Kafka sprinkled with generous amounts of Fellini and Bertolt Brecht. Cabaret by way of Kate Bush. Other words I can use to describe the eight tracks on the album? Delicate, dark, elegant, comfortable, melodic, layered, and even frenzied. Each song is a story that is filled with characters that explode out of the songs and become living breathing entities.
--Orca Sound Review, Montreal